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A Walk Around The Braid Hills

The Braid’s are, in a word, beautiful!

Relatively open in themselves, at 213m (699ft) they sit within a primarily residential area which is quiet and secluded. There is, however, a huge golf course along the top of this hill, which is great if you love golf but for walkers it can kind of get in the way.

Nevertheless, the main trail goes all the way around the hills by skirting the edge, so with the golf course being in the middle you only really need to cross over it once as you circle around the other side (at this stage there is also a little picnic table to stop for lunch). The trail is also popular with pony trekkers and is a dirt track so can get quite muddy in places, so I advise to wear boots, or trainers if you stick to a sunny day when there’s been a few days of good weather.

Summit of the Braid Hills

You can start the trail from the golf car park at the top of the Braid Hills Approach road and follow the signs to the left which read “Braid Farm Road Entrance”.

Braid Hills Approach. To the left is a little museum in an old Police Box.
Start of the circular trail from the golf car park

The best thing about the Braids is that they covered with bright yellow gorse, which fills the air with that lovely sweet coconutty smell – yum! In addition, there are great views panoramic views over the city, Blackford Hill, the Pentlands, Arthur’s Seat and all the way out to sea.

Blooming gorgeous gorse
Great opportunity for nice photos with the city
Panoramic view from the top of the Braids

At the summit is a viewpoint area and also a sign pointing to all Seven Hills of Edinburgh, and all seven are visible from the top – neat! Having climbed all seven this is the only one I saw which has a sign like this.

There are also benches which makes a nice place to stop for a picnic.

Seven Hills of Edinburgh – on Braid Hills

How to get there:

A walk around the Braids can easily be combined with Blackford Hill as it is directly opposite. To get there, take the Lothian Bus services 11, 15 or 15A to Comiston Road and follow the Braid Hills Road and then Braid Hills Approach to the car park of the Braid Golf Club.

Braid Hills is No. 3 in our Quick Guide to The Seven Hills of Edinburgh series.

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