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I Wrote Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety

I’ve been having a bad mental health day. I found out that it is National Writing Day and I decided to #WriteAway about how I’m feeling today. I chose to write some haikus about my mental health and my experience with anxiety.

Why Did I Decide To Write Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety?

I like haikus because they are short and concise. They get the message across. They allow me to experiment with poetry. And to be creative.

Writing Helps Me When I’m Having A Bad Mental Health Day.

Writing has always been really beneficial to my mental health. I’ve been writing a diary since I was 5 years old.

I found that when I’m struggling, sitting down to write everything that’s going on in my mind is really helpful. Putting it down on paper really gives me a sense of relief! It’s as if the weight of the thoughts has been transferred from my mind to the paper.

It allows me let it go. I can reread it if I want. Or not. But it is there. I’ve made a record of it, so I don’t need to think about it anymore.

looking away in athens greece
Pensive poses in Athens, Greece.

I Love Lists.

Lists are an amazing tool. Writing them allows me to view my thoughts objectively. I can prioritise and organise them. And I can focus on how I can take action to do something about the ones troubling me the most. When I have a lot going on and I can begin to feel overwhelmed, I like to write a list.

Haikus, to me, are a little bit like a list. They are short and snappy. Just three lines – 5-7-5. There’s not so much pressure when writing a haiku. It can be interesting, therapeutic and fun.

Once I got into the flow of it, I ended up writing quite a few. I’d like to share them with you.

lauren on bench looking at beach mental health nature
Being outside in nature really helps my mental health too. Melbourne, Australia.

I feel like I need to say, I am not a “professional poet” or a “professional writer” (although I’m working on the latter!). I wrote these simply for me. And now I’m sharing them with you in the hope they can help and inspire you too.

Here they are…

My Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety.


Anxious is the dawn.
I can’t bear the thought of it.
Back to bed I go.


Warm, strong coffee drips.
Cold feet on the kitchen floor.
The bird flies away.


You do not see me.
I am hiding in plain sight.
Look behind my eyes.


Rather stay at home.
An introvert’s paradise.
Lonely anyway.


Get it off your mind.
I am trying my best to.
One way is Haiku.


Thoughts fight like rabbits.
Nibble nib – LEAVE ME ALONE.
Back down the burrow.


Sorry I can’t come.
My insides feel like mush so,
Yeah, sorry, what, bye.


What does it feel like?
Nothing but everything.
Different, the same.


Tell me a story.
How do you want it to end?
Happy, close enough.

That’s funny, 9 is my favourite number.

I would like you to thank you so much for reading these! It is difficult to put your creative work out there into the public.

They may not be the best haikus in the world, but writing them did make me feel a little bit better!

Are you inspired to write your own haikus? Why not try it and see how it makes you feel?

I’d like to know what do you think? I appreciate your feedback (as long as it’s nice ๐Ÿ˜‰).

I’m working on writing more posts about mental health and my experience. In the meantime, please stay in touch.

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