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    Autumn In Edinburgh: The Best Places To See Colourful Leaves

    Don’t you just love autumn? It’s my favourite season! 🍂 As soon as the leaves begin turning those golden shades, I have to get out and admire them. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed discovering Edinburgh in the autumn and the beautiful autumnal scenery across the city. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Edinburgh. After the busy rush of the tourism peak season and the summer festivals, the city quietens down. Nature surrounds Edinburgh, and in the autumn it really comes to life. Wildlife scavenge before hibernation and the burns babble before they freeze. The multitude of shades of red, orange and yellow bring vibrancy to the…

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    11 Things To Do In Corrour & Loch Ossian

    If you’re taking a trip on the West Highland Line, I highly recommend a stop at Corrour and Loch Ossian. This incredibly unique and remote place is a real hidden gem. Located in the Scottish Highlands, Corrour is the highest railway station in Britain and the area is only accessible by train. Close by is the beautiful Loch Ossian surrounded by stunning mountains. Here are 11 ideas of things to do in Corrour and Loch Ossian. Fit these into your itinerary and you’ll have the best time in the remote Scottish wilderness! 1. Hike The Trainspotting Mountain – Leum Uilleim Leum Uilleim is a 909m high Corbett situated about 3km…

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    Silver Sands: The Best Beach On The Isle Of Arran

    With it’s golden shore, grassy banks and secluded nature, Silver Sands is easily the best beach on the Isle of Arran. Where Is Silver Sands Beach? Silver Sands Beach is situated on the south east on the island. It is also known as Kildonan Beach as Kildonan is the closest village to the beach. What Is There To Do Nearby? Close by to Silver Sands is Whiting Bay, the Giant’s Graves and Glenashdale Waterfalls, and Eas Mor Waterfall. How To Get To Silver Sands Beach? By Car Silver Sands is around a 30 minute drive from Brodick along the A841. Brodick is the main town and ferry terminal on the island. There is parking just by the roadside near this…

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    Hiking An Active Volcano In Hokkaido – Mount Meakan

    Hiking 登るHokkaido :  Mount Meakan (雌阿寒岳 Meakan-Dake) In June 2015 I headed out east to celebrate Rina’s birthday. My friends being my friends, our idea of a decent celebration is hiking 1,499m up an active stratovolcano. This is Mount Meakan, the highest mountain in the Akan Volcanic Complex located in Akan National Park in Hokkaido, Japan. I’ve visited the Lake Akan region perhaps around six times, but I never had a chance to hike this volcano… until now. A relatively easy hike (despite the height), many of my friends have climbed this mountain many times before and their pictures always looked stunning. At the summit you can see two unique…