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    I Wrote Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety

    I’ve been having a bad mental health day. I found out that it is National Writing Day and I decided to #WriteAway about how I’m feeling today. I chose to write some haikus about my mental health and my experience with anxiety. Why Did I Decide To Write Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety? I like haikus because they are short and concise. They get the message across. They allow me to experiment with poetry. And to be creative. Writing Helps Me When I’m Having A Bad Mental Health Day. Writing has always been really beneficial to my mental health. I’ve been writing a diary since I was…

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    12 Free & Cheap Ways To Exercise, Keep Fit & Lose Weight While Traveling

    When you’re on the go it can sometimes be hard to find time to exercise and keep fit, but it’s important to remember to look after yourself and stay healthy. The best way to get moving is to incorporate physical activity into your itinerary or daily schedule. And if you’re wanting to lose weight, I have often found that when I am travelling I tend to lose the most weight as I am being the most active because I do all of the things in this list! Here are 12 ideas for travel fitness that are fun and, best of all, all of them are free (or really cheap!)! 1.…

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    How I “Dated” A Family (And Why You Should Too)

    Recently, I finished Season 2 of ‘Easy’, a drama anthology series by Joe Swanberg which you can see on Netflix. In the final episode (*Spoiler Alert!* In case you watch this show and don’t want to know what happens – just skip past the photo to read the article!), a lady in her late 30’s has recently broken up with her boyfriend and is feeling kind of lost and confused and old as she is edging slowly past the conceivable age to have children. It seems to her like the window is moving further and further away, and at this moment a friend reaches out for help on looking after…

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    Remembering The Little Things, Seeing The Smaller Picture

    One of my biggest problems is remembering the little things. The small steps you take to reach a goal. The little wins and the mini moments. I am too focused on the bigger picture, the end result, the finale. I dream of being happier, being richer, being fitter. Having a wonderful career, traveling the world, a thriving social life and tip top health to boot. What I forget is what is takes to get there. I want all these things now. I don’t want to wait. I want them instantly and with ease. What I forget is the effort it takes. The hard work, the determination, the commitment.ย  I don’t…